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The Disney Aesthetic

Our Friend the Atom

This is the cover of a Disney book from the mid 50s (56-57), companion to a short film. I haven’t seen it myself, but I’d like to. Matt Springer describes it:

It’s one of the things that made me so interested in physics. Well, actually I suppose the cover looks more Russian Constructivist, but I’m no art critic. The interior contains a solidly Art Deco inspired Futurist aesthetic. That’s what today was supposed to look like back then. The science in the book is quite solid as well. In fact, I’d like to scan some of the pages and write a series of posts on it. It really did manage to inspire a sense of wonderment, which is pretty amazing for a book about the history and applications of atomic physics. Will we ever see that kind of optimistic vision of science again?

Thing-a-Day 14: Printed Book

When I made my tiny photo book (Thing 10: Tiny Photo Book), I was using a folding pattern intended to, with several folds and a single cut, yield a tiny book with a front, back, and 3 spreads.

I ended up making a lot more cuts to get more spreads and thus needing to “bind” my book, which I did with jewelry wire and beads. With less cutting than I originally used but 1 cut more than the single-sided version calls for, the book still doesn’t need to have a spine or stitching and can have 4 spreads. I used the following pattern (in which you would fold on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines):

Layout for Folded Book

My goal was to do all the printing on a single sheet of paper, and then fold and cut to get a tiny book that needed no binding. (I did glue the blank [backs of the] pages.) And I got this:

Dream Book: Spreads Dream Book: Spreads

There. Now I can move on to accordion books and stab-stitch books.

Goopy Book!


This is the very first cartoon art annual by goopymart! Inside you will find art that amuses, perplexes and makes you think twice (or at least “huh?”). Some pages or characters are connected to each other and are out of order but thats for the reader to discover.

Goopymart is a one man (Will Guy) design studio specializing in bright, colorful lumpy things.