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Telling It Like It Is

I really love Scott C, and I would post something of his here pretty much every day if it were not for my vanishingly small sense of self-preservation. It’s been over a year, though, so I think I can get away with another one. This is from a series of illustrations he did for an ad campaign by Portuguese film group Show Off! (Fuel Lisbon), about what happens to great ideas when Marketing gets ahold of them.

Idea. New Marketing Director.

Many more at his post about this project.

(Also, Advertolog has a couple more on its Fuel Lisbon page, notably The Toilet One and The Shark One.)

Goopy Book!


This is the very first cartoon art annual by goopymart! Inside you will find art that amuses, perplexes and makes you think twice (or at least “huh?”). Some pages or characters are connected to each other and are out of order but thats for the reader to discover.

Goopymart is a one man (Will Guy) design studio specializing in bright, colorful lumpy things.

Cute Saturday

Bobby Chui is an illustrator with an adorable worldview:


As a person who has grown up being presented with skeptical, intellectual owls, it’s that wide-eyed raptor’s deep lean (with careful tail counterbalance) that charms me most in this illustration. But Chui isn’t limited by sentimentality.


I actually dislike this Yeti-Bunny picture, which is why I included it. Chui’s work contains extensive caricaturing of both human and animal figures – look through the people and cat/dog images in his portfolio at Imaginism. But what drew me to him is his frequent use of a visual undercut of some kind.


For some reason, the big bad bunny eater is funny, where the yeti dragging the bunny is not. I have some idea why I react this way, but I’d be happy to hear how others react, too. Either way, his distinct style, delightful characters, and multidimensionality make him a wonderful illustrator.