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Cute Saturday

Bobby Chui is an illustrator with an adorable worldview:


As a person who has grown up being presented with skeptical, intellectual owls, it’s that wide-eyed raptor’s deep lean (with careful tail counterbalance) that charms me most in this illustration. But Chui isn’t limited by sentimentality.


I actually dislike this Yeti-Bunny picture, which is why I included it. Chui’s work contains extensive caricaturing of both human and animal figures – look through the people and cat/dog images in his portfolio at Imaginism. But what drew me to him is his frequent use of a visual undercut of some kind.


For some reason, the big bad bunny eater is funny, where the yeti dragging the bunny is not. I have some idea why I react this way, but I’d be happy to hear how others react, too. Either way, his distinct style, delightful characters, and multidimensionality make him a wonderful illustrator.