Thing-a-Day 14: Printed Book

When I made my tiny photo book (Thing 10: Tiny Photo Book), I was using a folding pattern intended to, with several folds and a single cut, yield a tiny book with a front, back, and 3 spreads.

I ended up making a lot more cuts to get more spreads and thus needing to “bind” my book, which I did with jewelry wire and beads. With less cutting than I originally used but 1 cut more than the single-sided version calls for, the book still doesn’t need to have a spine or stitching and can have 4 spreads. I used the following pattern (in which you would fold on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines):

Layout for Folded Book

My goal was to do all the printing on a single sheet of paper, and then fold and cut to get a tiny book that needed no binding. (I did glue the blank [backs of the] pages.) And I got this:

Dream Book: Spreads Dream Book: Spreads

There. Now I can move on to accordion books and stab-stitch books.

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