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Welfare Queen

She’s still there.

A Cooper’s hawk flew into the Library of Congress last week. In a series of blog posts, the LoC recounts the efforts to identify this bird and form a plan to retrieve her and help her out of the building. She has since stolen bait food that was intended to lure her into a trap (for relocation), and I wonder if she’s planning to settle in. After all, it’s a pretty nice gig – weather protection, some gorgeous clear sight lines I’m guessing, and free delivery.

Watching Our Researchers Like a Hawk
And Watch a Hawk Makin’ Lazy Circles in the Dome
Time for Another Hawk Update

Update: She “finally got evicted”.

Pelicans Are Perfect!

Pelicans receive fish at the London Zoo

Pelicans have been perfect since the early Oligocene, according to a newly published analysis of a fossilized bill, and partial skull and neck. The study’s lead author, Antoine Louchart, doesn’t actually want to commit to that interpretation, but the 30-million-year old fossil he reports on is so similar to today’s pelican species that it would be classified in the Pelecanus genus.

Study at J Ornithol


Claire Morgan makes astonishing assemblies of taxidermied animals and other materials, meticulously placed with nylon strands. She uses many kinds of animals and insects, as well as fruit and leaves. I don’t have any idea what to make of any of it. I can’t decide whether I love it or would never want it in any space I occupy, even briefly (I or the work). Lots more photos of many installations over the last seven years at her website.