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PvZ Theme Cake

I decorated this PvZ cake for Lisey’s birthday. The plants are marzipan with colored icing and sprinx for eyes. The walkways on either side of the pool are white chocolate.

I ordered a cake with a green top and brown sides, and the baker spontaneously thought to make it look like a block of sod – she did a great job! The icing base is light brown buttercream, with the green spritz on top and with crumbled chocolate pressed on the sides. Happy birthday, Lisey!


Claire Morgan makes astonishing assemblies of taxidermied animals and other materials, meticulously placed with nylon strands. She uses many kinds of animals and insects, as well as fruit and leaves. I don’t have any idea what to make of any of it. I can’t decide whether I love it or would never want it in any space I occupy, even briefly (I or the work). Lots more photos of many installations over the last seven years at her website.