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Daily Thing #2

Daily thing #2 is the internals of something I’ve been meaning to finish for months and, I hope, will succeed in finishing this month. It involves at least 2 more big pieces, one of which will probably be pretty time-consuming, so … baby steps.

Anyway, here is the “peritoneum” – it’s for a seed-filled toy, and this is the inner bag that holds the seeds. It’s only clipped shut for now, because I need to pick up some more seeds before I sew it shut.

No, I wasn’t trying to say anything about blood supply in the kidneys – I was just using leftover pieces of embroidery floss, and I didn’t have enough to do all the appliques in a single color.

I briefly thought about putting a spine and part of the ribcage on the back, and then I remember this little thing will be boneless.