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Thing-a-day 25: French Knots!

The first few (dozen) times I tried the round embroidery stitch called a French knot, my stitches knotted too soon, and they looked like crap. Then I managed to do a couple clean, and felt like I’d gotten it.

Thing 25: French Knots!

So I ripped out all my failed stitches and tried French knots in 5 different sizes … in these breaking waves. Yay!

Thing-a-day 22: Finished Kitty

I straight-stitched the stripes on and then sewed front to back and stuffed kitty. Not exactly the result I’d planned, but I’m making progress matching the result to the intent.

Thing 22: Finished Kitty

The eyes are much lighter in this picture only partly because they light was different; in the first picture, the fabric and floss were still wet from being rinsed.

Thing 16: Trying Out Embroidery

Making the Frederick quilt reminded me how much I’d like to have better options for decorating or giving features to small stuffed toys without having to do a ton of cutting (as for the 3 separate pieces for each of Frederick’s eyes) or gluing (to add on plastic googly eyes). A couple of weeks ago, I ordered an adorable book called Doodle Stitching, by Aimee Ray, and tonight I copied one of her illustrations and used a single stitch (backstitch) to embroider it.

Thing 16: Embroidery


I don’t really know how to explain this Victorian streak I’m manifesting, but this month is turning out to be a good excuse to try out lots of little things.