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Thing-a-day 22: Finished Kitty

I straight-stitched the stripes on and then sewed front to back and stuffed kitty. Not exactly the result I’d planned, but I’m making progress matching the result to the intent.

Thing 22: Finished Kitty

The eyes are much lighter in this picture only partly because they light was different; in the first picture, the fabric and floss were still wet from being rinsed.

Thing 15: Frederick Quilt

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has tutorials on just the kinds of things I like to make. This time it’s the cat quilt. My cat’s never seen a fish, and for some reason I thought sewing a circle would be hard after my lumpy catnip-toy experience, so I decided to be clever and do a children’s book cover. I suspect my cat at least saw a mouse when he was living under a porch before I took him home, so I chose Frederick, the art for which lends itself very well to the appliqué technique used in the EMSL project. (I used the catnip-toy fabric for the back.)

Thing 15: Frederick Quilt Thing 15: Frederick Quilt - Back (Detail)

It wasn’t until I was actually sitting down at the sewing machine that I realized I’d set myself up for a crash course in sewing on a curve. I think I did OK, although I’m starting to see why quilters like having fancy anti-pucker features in their machines. And if my cat could just pull himself away from the cat chaise, we might see what he thinks of his new quilt.

Princess (landscape)