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Happy Sunday

I am an enormous fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I love pasta, and I am delighted by anything with eyes on stalks. And as a student of literature with more than a passing interest in comparative religion and in medieval art, I cannot help but be delighted by the Spaghetti Universalis.

Spaghetti Universalis

The inspiration for the form of this piece, itself a reference to an earlier time and aesthetic, is a longtime favorite—ably enhanced by this modern explanation.

Daily Thing #1

Day 2 of August, my second round of making something every day for a month, and I did succeed in making something (and testing it, even). I also found the registration form for the 3-Day Novel Contest, which runs over Labor Day weekend. Most years, I try to be scrupulous to journal daily during the month of August as a way both to flush the pipes of my worst self-indulgence and get in practice sitting down and writing even if I don’t feel like it.

Making my daily thing something that isn’t writing might make this harder – I guess I’ll find out in September!

Anyway, here is my first thing: a Flying Spaghetti Monster cat toy. I dithered for a couple of weeks over putting this together, because my first couple of tries really didn’t work at all. This doesn’t match my vision, either, but, hey, the FSM is filled with catnip (little-known fact!), and Mr Bun embraced it with all 4 paws.