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Thing-a-day 8: Cat Chaise Cushion

And here it is, the final piece of Mr Bun’s new furniture:

Thing 8: Cat Chaise Cushion Thing 8: Cat Chaise Cushion

This tasseled cushion (velvet, metallic fabric for edging, batting, silvery tassels, pewter button) is the final piece of my modification of the Cat Chaise. The cushion is tied to the frame of the chaise with silvery ribbon (hidden from prying claws).

How does he feel about it?


Thing-a-day 7: Cardboard Cat Chaise!

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has loads of fabulous tutorials, including one for a cardboard chaise longue suitable for cats [ www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/catchaise ]. I modified it in preparation for a cushion (to be made tomorrow), and because I didn’t feel like cutting out little feet. Also, I just wanted to cut the cardboard freehand instead of bothering with a template or pattern. This project was a great excuse to get a glue gun! I foresee more appearances of that device in future things-a-day this month.

Thing 7: Cat Chaise!

Mr Bun seemed traumatized by the unnecessary destruction of a cardboard box, but I predict he will have napped on it within 12 hours.