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Thing-a-day 2: Reflecting on Armored Handegg

Today is national stuff-yourself-and-watch-TV day for many people (and pay-thousands-of-dollars-to-chill-out-literally-in-a-stadium day for some), and Harper’s Bazaar has just the thing for women like me:

Oh wait, this advice is not for me. I really just don’t care. (Not saying you shouldn’t, just that I don’t.) One thing I do love about this time, though, is that some of my friends have used this as a day to share photos of exceptionally beautiful owls, including this, the official owl of the season:

(See it larger at mlkshk.)

But particularly when I see photos of bizarrely expensive tickets, not to mention when I hear about new stadium projects – that will allegedly bring “jobs” and “revenue” to communities but always, oddly, seem to end up skimming money for team owners and other corporations – I realize that a pretty big part of my indifference to the sport stems from some even more basic misgivings about the industry.

Read the full comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Blah blah pro athletes know what they’re getting into, but there’s a lot of sidetracking in the years leading up to NFL recruitment, and it’s pretty misleading and exploitive, not to mention a drag on university (and high school) resources.

Anyway, I can’t honestly say this event didn’t bring at least one smile to my face: teams from 2 states that just legalized pot getting together for a super bowl. Good thing everyone’s already stocked up on snacks!