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Who Knows

… whether Mark Hurd (recently of HP) sexually harassed the contractor who filed a complaint against him. HP decided it didn’t like Hurd’s bookkeeping, and that’s that. But whatever happened between him and that woman, Business Insider is acting like a bunch of woman-hating jackasses blathering about her being an “gold-digging E-list actress” and describing her as “posing as a marketing consultant.” I’ve worked in advertising a LONG time, and posing is part of the marketing business, for one thing.

No, I’m not linking to the article. It’s easy enough to find, and I am not interested in referring traffic.

I subscribe to a newsletter of theirs, and it was infuriating to see a chart praising Mark Hurd side-by-side with these gratuitous remarks. Maybe HP’s board is wimpy. Maybe this woman is acting in bad faith. Maybe Mark Hurd is an executive genius. Not one minuscule part of that story benefits from smearing her.