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We’re Not in Kansas, but …

I love what Sean Tevis is doing. He’s a thoughtful, committed guy who wants to make life better for his neighbors. He ran for office last year and lost—and seems to have frightened the old guard in his area half to death. With good reason. He’s intelligent, collaborative, and not even on the radar of lobbyists. That is, he’s on their radar now, but he’s not exactly on their Christmas-card lists.

So he has a plan.

And I think he can make it work. Read his whole presentation here, and share it if you feel inclined.

Full disclosure: I have mixed feelings about donating to out-of-state campaigns—I sure didn’t like what happened with Prop 8 in California last year—but Sean is doing more than running for office himself. He’s also pioneering methods for direct communication between voters and candidates, and urging transparency in campaign funding. And I happen to agree with a lot of what he’d work on if elected.

Whether or not you choose to get involved, keep an eye on Sean Tevis. He’s doing something wonderful.