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Thing-a-day 11: Fixing Up a Dead Site

In 2003, a friend and I had this great idea for a series of Web-based collections of art and writing. We laid a lot of groundwork and then got pulled in 15 different directions, as did a few helpers, and nothing came of it. Except we found cover art for each issue.

I’ve always felt bad about the way those pages looked as the years went on – a project that clearly went nowhere but described as if it were, in fact, still yesterday.

So today I tore down those old pages and replaced them with a simple container for the cover art, with links to each (available) artist (one is MIA). The first piece I acquired for the project was this wonderful illustration of Medusa, by Hope Larson:

I haven’t fixed the text alignment further down the page, but you know what? It’s almost midnight, and I’m tired, so this is good enough!