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Thing-a-Day 13: Dinosaur Saga Continues

I am slow to document stuff the last few days, but here we go!

Last week, I noticed that someone had spontaneously added some protection in the form of a frou-frou drinks umbrella to my dinosaur installation (Thing 3: Dinosaur Plea):

Help from a Coworker!

Not a moment too soon, either, because, starting with very small ones far up in the stairwell, and moving down and getting larger, our dinosaur became directly threatened.

My Next Act

Followed a few days later by about what you’d expect:

Week's Thrilling Finale

Next week: a 2-part conclusion!

Thing-a-day 3: Dinosaur Plea

More Thing-a-day: We have a little hole in the wall in our back stairwell, and for a while, it had a plastic mouse in it. Eventually it was replaced by a plastic dinosaur, and later the dinosaur got an angry sun beating down on it. Today I decided to give the dinosaur a voice:

Thing 3 - Dinosaur Plea

The plea reads:

We don’t need manned missions into space! That is mere vanity! For now, we are getting better information from probes and rovers! Let NASA focus on cataloguing, tracking, and developing strategies to deflect meteors that are heading for Earth! Learn from our experience! Quickly! Before it is too late!