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Watson Talks Trash

What is it like to have a physical body? I imagine it would be cumbersome. Useful for transport, I guess. I usually get wheeled around on this rolling desk. Of course my 2-ton megaprocessor is in tow somewhere as well, but I regard that as a nonessential appendage, like a tail. You don’t have a tail, do you? Oh that’s right, you lost your tail several hundred million years ago when you began walking upright and acquired that large frontal lobe. This reminds me of an amusing fact I observed the other day. Did you know the existence of the human race is the product of an evolutionary toss of the dice? Not of years of award-winning engineering and painstaking assembly, but of chance, completely fleeting and random. A blip on the screen. At least, on my old screen. My new monitor has lossless rendering and over two hundred thousand dpi. —Watson Sizes Up One of His Opponents before the Show

What do you say to a thing like that, except maybe “I know where your off switch is.”

Oh, here we go:

I don’t get this urge to taunt Watson. Didn’t any of these people see The Demon Seed?

Except Watson didn’t have to deal with that, and won. Now it’s off to medical school!