Isaiah Mustafa remains ridiculously charming in this new making-of video:

Some people ask to ride me, which … depending on which saddle they have, the English or the Western…. I don’t like the Western. If they have the English, I usually agree.


Blah blah Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. I still don’t care about Old Spice, but I love this campaign and this actor. What a trouper!

2 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. Sean B

    yeah, super props to the actor and the writers. i’m sure they’ll never top the impact of the first spot since it was just so suprising, but they’re still funny, so.

  2. Caitlin Post author

    I’ve read that Old Spice got a good result from the initial campaign, too, so that’s cool. Here’s hoping it keeps paying its way until right before they run out of ideas!


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