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British Homeopathy Awareness Week

World Homeopathy Awareness Week, in April, wasn’t enough for the British Homeopathic Association, which has been celebrating homeopathy awareness over the last week (Jun 14 to June 21). According to its website, this year’s theme is women’s health.

I’m a healthy woman, and judging from comments I chose not to approve back in April, my attitude toward homeopathy is regarded in some quarters as being rather unkind. So I wanted to take this opportunity to state my support for the basic principle of homeopathy as a key part of a healthy lifestyle: Drink water. Drink it early and often. Drink lots of it.

Almost everyone should drink more water than they are drinking now. (As long as it’s clean water, of course, and really if you’re reading this you’re likely living somewhere with a hot and cold running supply of it.) Your body is mostly water, and you lose a little bit of it every time you breathe, not to mention sweating and peeing. Often when people feel “hungry,” they are actually thirsty, so starting with a glass of water can satisfy them—and curb the intake of extra calories. You might be stunned by how easily fatigue, congestion, muscle soreness, or headaches recede with a big old glass of water. Staying hydrated supports alertness, helps your body promptly flush waste products, and keeps your tissues comfortably moist so they can do their jobs.

So drink lots of water! You can prepare water yourself by opening a tap in a home or other structure that is supplied with potable water, perhaps improving the taste by running it through a faucet-mounted or carafe-based (eg, Brita) filter.