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Touristy Plus

Hall of Fame

Today my brother and I visited a touristy area, around the Confucius Temple. We went after a long walk down the Qin Huai park, which contains a series of very surprising stone figures.

In Flagrante 2

In the area, there are also quite a few figures of a dog or owl reading a book, so I am hoping that this and similar pieces are simple references to perfectly innocent children’s stories that I haven’t heard.

Sidewalk Safety

Stuff of Nightmares

You’re probably thinking that nest was, gosh, I dunno, tucked away somewhere that I had to go out of my way to get to, attracted as a person with a 100mm lens might be, to the buzzing of insects. But no. It is hanging over a busy SIDEWALK, straight up from the head of the woman in the middle of the shot below. Perhaps you are thinking, hey, I bet the woman in pink is about to walk RIGHT UNDER IT, just happily gazing at her cell phone. You are right; she did. Fortunately, she is not very tall.

Stuff of Nightmares - In Context

Purple Mountain Observatory

Purple Mountain Observatory View

Yesterday my brother and I visited Purple Mountain, an enormous sprawling park in Nanjing, and hiked up to the Observatory. There are telescopes there, and several buildings with small exhibit halls. There are also several pieces of gorgeous old museum apparatus on display outside the exhibit halls. (Those I also shot in medium format – definitely looking forward to getting that film back.) Only the exterior exhibits were signed in English, but we mostly stayed outside, anyway, among the ridiculously pretty outbuildings, stone-paved paths, and luxurious plant life.