The Hits Keep Coming

“We believe all wells can be drilled incident free. We believe this well will be drilled incident free and we won’t need a relief well,” [Mark MacLeod, Chevron’s Atlantic Manager] said.

Chevron is drilling a well in more than 2,600 meters (8,530 feet) of water off the Canadian coast, making it twice as deep as the BP well that has been fouling the Gulf of Mexico with oil since April. —Reuters Africa

Stunningly, bafflingly, foreshadowingly, the name of the rig doing the work (and the field it’s working on) is—wait for it—Blind Faith. I’ll say! Oh yeah, at least one of the ships it listed in its relief plan (saying it could be there in 10 days when the truth is probably more like a month) is already on the job in the Gulf.

I can sincerely say, because it’s better for all of us, that I hope this does not turn into the grimmest punchline of the decade.

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