Amy Bennett

Beautiful quasiphotorealistic paintings. They slightly recall and frankly transcend the tilt-shift photography trend of a couple of years ago. Some are small – on the scale of snapshots or even wallet-size photos – and others are two feet on a side and more. A clean, detailed yet oddly featureless calm in these paintings is electrified by small (almost faceless) figures. Surreality is intensified by partial cutaway views in some paintings.

coincidence - amy bennett - oil on panel

Beautiful stuff. Go look at the whole portfolio.

One thought on “Amy Bennett

  1. Mike

    Really intriguing work! Some of the subjects are disturbing, too (the prone/prostrate body in the image you feature above; a woman being held up against a wall by a man, in another).

    What concerns me, though, is your comment about tilt-shift photography being “the … trend of a couple of years ago…” Waitaminute! Does this mean I’ll be de trop if I bust out the LensBaby for some portraits of Henry Winkler in his natural habitat?!?


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